General requirements for travelling to Ireland

Everyone entering Ireland must have a valid passport or in the case of European Union Member States, a national identity card. Visitors are advised to check what form of ID is required by their airline carrier before travelling. Some airlines within Europe will only accept passport identification.


Delegates should be aware that Ireland is not a member of the Schengen agreement and so a Schengen visa will not be sufficient to enter Ireland. This includes a permit to reside in a country which is part of the Schengen agreement (a Schengen country).


Similarly, Ireland is not a part of the United Kingdom. A separate Irish visa will be required, except in limited circumstances. These circumstances are outlined in the Information for delegates about the online visa application process document (under the section Short Stay Visa Waiver Programme).


If delegates are travelling through the UK or a Schengen country on route to Ireland (i.e. via a connecting flight etc.) they should check with the relevant country or their travel operator whether a transit visa will be required.  Further information regarding transit visas may be available from:

The UK Home Office

Schengen Visa Information


Visa requirements

Visas may be required by delegates travelling from some countries. We would encourage all delegates to check with their local Irish representation and also with their travel operator if your originating country requires a visa.


The Department of Justice and Equality has primary responsibility for Ireland’s immigration and visa policy. For more information on visa requirements for Ireland please see the Department of Justice & Equality website (What We Do/Immigration, International Protection and Citizenship Services).  Further information regarding Visas and Irish Embassies and Consulates is available on the website of the Department of Foreign Affairs (Travel/Visas)


Delegates who require a visa will require a letter of booking confirmation from the conference office. Once your registration has been completed and paid in full we would be delighted to issue this letter for you. Please email the conference office at  Please note that we cannot issue a letter until your registration and payment is completed in full. It is also advisable that you have booked and paid for accommodation for the duration of your stay. Confirmation of your accommodation booking should also be included with your visa application.


Note that visa applications can take up to 12 weeks for Ireland. We would encourage all delegates to ensure that you have provided sufficient time for your visa application to be processed.  Delegates requiring a visa should ensure, therefore, that their registration is complete and their visa application is submitted no later than 31 January 2021.

Do I need a visa?

Please consult with the relevant Irish Embassy/Consulate/Visa Office or visit the official government website:


Delegates can also check to see if they need a visa on the Department of Justice & Equality website.


How do I apply for a visa?

You can apply using the online AVATS process at  Further information about using the AVATS process is available on the Information for delegates about the online visa application process document 


Before beginning the online process you should ensure that you have the following information to hand:


  • Passport and details of any previous passports – number, date of issue/expiry

  • Details of any previous Irish visa applications

  • Contact details for your host in Ireland & itinerary

Following submission of your online application using AVATS, note that you will also be required to submit a signed summary of your application form, original passport, passport-sized colour photograph, the relevant fee, and all supporting documents, to the relevant Irish Embassy/Consulate/Visa Office as per your visa application procedures.


When you complete AVATS there will be a website shown on the printed summary of your application form for details of the appropriate office, the fee payable, and the method of payment accepted. Please ensure that you read the visa information contained on the website and on their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document.


When you complete the online AVATS process you will be provided with a visa application reference number.  Please provide details of your visa application number to Abbey Conference & Events at  This will allow us to follow up with the Department of Justice & Equality and try to ensure that your visa application is processed in time to enable you to attend the conference.

Persons applying for a visa who are travelling on Diplomatic/Official passports

Persons applying for a visa who are travelling on Diplomatic/Official passports should note that their visa application should be accompanied by a Note Verbal from their country’s Minister for Foreign Affairs. The note should also state whether the government of the applicant’s country is covering the cost of the visit.

Visa & Passport